Spinning, spinning , spinning

At Hunter Ski, we never stop spinning, not because we like that nausias feeling cause your earlobe is totally diasorientated, but becuase we love getting better at making the perfect kayaks. We have recently decided that we want to focus our energies on manufacturing, and be the best at this. So if you need a Hunter Ski have a look at our dealer list on our website and pay a visit to your closest dealer. I will always be here to help my dealers and their clients, so you are welcome to contact me if there is something the dealer may not have or know.

We do have access to a range of 2nd hand and Demo kayaks available at the moment, so please let me know asap if you are interested.

The Stealth Paindane challenge will take on the 26th of April, unfortunately I will be fishing for a kzn club this time around, but its actually more about getting out onto the water with a group of fishing buddies.

Gauteng fishing is apparently cooking at the moment. There are a few new guys spearheading the Gauteng kayak and jet-ski fishing community. They have started a new club which is flying at the moment, called 12fish. They are having their 2nd meeting this evening at Angling Africa in Centurion, 6 for 6:30. They intend to get the freshwater kayak fishing competitions back to full steam. Please support them if you can, it would be great if there can still be Gauteng teams coming down to fish competitions in Kzn.

The next Kzn competition is the Winkle comp on Saturday the 24th of March and Sunday the 25th. It is a team comp and Gauteng is trying to put a team together. It certainly is the best way to learn the craft.

Hope to see you on the water soon!