Release the Kraken

Hello There,

After extreme development and testing, we are proud to release our newest kayak model, the "Kraken". Its first public viewing will be at the Johannesburg Boat show, held at Nasrec near Soccer City, this coming weekend 8 to 10 August. Please pop in for a visit to discuss this new revolutionary kayak, as well as all the other Legend Kayaks.

We will be running some great show specials on our entire range. So get there to get your name on the order list.

I have recently returned from a testing trip, we paddled the Kraken to the Quirimbes islands in north Mozambique, lake Malawi as well as the Zambezi. This is certainly the most versatile kayak ever made in South Africa, it reaches speeds of 9km per hour, take a load of well over 200kg, it is structurally the strongest kayak I have ever seen. This kayak out performed my wildest dreams and is certain to change kayaking in South Africa. The two outfitted Kraken's will be on display as they were used, so come and let me talk your ear off about the wonders of this new kayak, and the rest of our brilliant range.

See you there!