May the Legend long continue!

Dear Legendary Paddler,

Here on the sleepy South Coast of Kwazulu Natal, Legend Kayaks has been hard at work making our awesome range of kayaks, and making paddlers and fishermen all around South Africa, Very Happy! After all, the only fluid worth paddling on is Water.

Drop me an email, and I will personally make sure that you get the exact kayak you need for your application, with necassry accesories, on time and at a price that no one can match. We have shops country wide waiting to show you our ranges great features in the flesh.

The Kraken has been a magnificent hit, the possiblities make the avid fisherman froth at the mouth. The practicality and versatility truly make the Kraken the perfect all rounder.

A pontoon mould has been completed, this system can be fitted to any Legend Kayak. The adds stability and bouyancy, mainly for stand up fishing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!